From what I can glean, the bill would put into place a permanent mechanism for “disease prevention” practices in all workplaces in NY, with a supervisor who oversees the practices (either outlined by the state, or created by business on par with plan outlined by state), basically forcing all businesses to take up the states measures: social distancing, face coverings, quarantining, etc…

The bill sets up clear motivations for employees to file complaints against their employer for non compliance with heavy fines. It also sets up the very possible mechanism for mandatory vaccination via employers with the added lack of liability or means to respond legally should you wish to opt out. I’m guessing, though I dont know for sure, that this bill has gone unnoticed until now because it’s in the labor department. See comment from a friend of mine below.

“From my understanding this is the door opener to employers being able to mandate covid vx as a “preventative” this bill could possibly kick the door open to that entire agenda of no liability should you be fired for not vaccinating. Removing liability.”

Beyond this possible outcome, if you think through the implications should this pass, all businesses would be forced by law to uphold certain standards of practice and would be far less free to create their own protocols. If an employee said: “sorry, we are just following state law”, that would be accurate and there would be little an individual could do. It also would clearly exacerbate a workplace culture of policing and telling on fellow employees and employers, even including someone hired for the sole responsibility of overseeing compliance. If you didn’t comply with something as an employee and sued your employer, there would be the possibility both you *and your lawyer* would be punished. I could imagine lawyers opting out of taking cases where that was a possibility.

Additionally, the definition of infectious disease includes any viral, bacterial or fungal disease that is considered a threat to public health.

What I think this bill reflects, is a move to establish a long term, structural set of conditions for our new normal, where “standard protocols” are put into place to deal with the “growing prevalence” of “contagious diseases” in our world. Paul Offit said yesterday on CNN that we should wear masks and go into lockdown every winter now because it helped so much with the flu, and the flu kills so and so many people a year.

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