This is an extremely brief and basic overview of some of the mechanisms being developed and implemented under the guise of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Vision 2050 “utopian” worldview that “the powers that be” are envisioning, and actively working towards. The ultimate vision is to create an all-encompassing data stream on all living things, resources, land, water, energy, minerals, all construction, plants, animals, all means of production, all information, and all human beings in the world. All things inventoried and controlled by them, algorithms, smart contracts, and ultimately AI.

Globalization, artificially created boom-bust economic cycles, and the debt-money system have been central to the accumulation of immense wealth by the monetocracy, i.e., a small group that owns and controls the privately owned banking system, the money creation process, world finance and associated mega-corporations.  These schemes and processes have all been utilized for the purposes of greed, power and authoritarian control to the general detriment of the overwhelming majority of the world population. The United Nation’s Agenda 21/2030, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the proposed WEF ‘reset’ offer an insight into how a small group of extremely wealthy globalists want to further control and dictate the lives of all people over the course of the next decades as part of a plan for world governance.

More in-depth information can be found in the posts below this video, and I encourage those who wish to learn more to explore the wealth of info provided, and follow the links and source materials to see for yourselves the scope of the agendas, the Governments, companies, NGO’s and individuals that are involved in attempting to scale these things through policies and technological advancements.

This isn’t “conspiracy theory”. This is all documentable, provable research and developments that have been in the works for decades, at least.

The Internet of Bodies, Social Impact Finance, Pay For Success… This is what’s being built – new markets created to further enslave humanity and biological life by capturing data and turning everything into debt products.

A Ticket To Digital Serfdom

What is blockchain? Those in power will say Blockchain is a secure way for people to own and control their digital footprint, the data they create living through devices and wearable / implantable / ingestible technology in “smart” environments. In essence, it is a digital ledger that keeps track of EVERYTHING across a decentralized computer…

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Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has been planned out by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, seeks to replace human labor with artificial intelligence and robotics, a problem has arisen as to how life can be made profitable for transnational global capital interests once the poor have no buying power and are drowning in…

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Questioning Blockchain, The Spatial Web, and Digital Health

While more people are starting to talk about geo-fencing and medical passports, not enough grasp how blockchain identity and digital currency will interface with social impact investing to create an augmented reality prison-planet structure to profit the global elite. Their transhumanist “game” intends to harvest natural life forces as data in a misguided quest to…

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The New Surveillance Capitalism

Every time I talk about the Great Reset or the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Internet of Things or Bodies to friends that are unfamiliar with these terms, I get blank stares or disbelief.  My view that we are rapidly heading into a new era of a globalized biodigital security state, in which daily life for most occurs in…

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Conditional Cash Transfers and Cybernetic Futures

There’s much discussion of central bank digital currency these days, of its future implications and its technological origins. I’ve noticed, however, there are not many examining its roots in social policy. The concept of programmed money didn’t show up center stage in time for the Fourth Industrial Revolution without considerable advance planning. Social scientists and…

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DeFi For the People, Life For the Machines

The Atlantic Council published a report titled Designing Decentralized Finance For Financial  Inclusion. They specifically note how DeFi projects need to expand their reach to mobile users and improve internet access to achieve financial inclusion. According to their report 90 percent of people who access the internet do it through their smartphone. They note how public…

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Extropian & NSA Roots of Bitcoin, Cypherpunks, Wikileaks + UNICEF

At some point last year, while I was reading a blog post by Vitalik Buterin about Futarchy — a theoretical government controlled by speculative markets — I came across Robin Hanson and the extropians. In the post, Buterin claims that a long-term benefit of technology and the concept behind decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) is that it allows humans to quickly “prototype and experiment with an aspect of our social…

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Interoperable Identity Tokens and the War for Our Soul

– Social validation for identity is becoming increasingly popular due to its game theoretical security properties. A concept gaining traction called “Soul Bound” tokens expands the concept of digital identity significantly, and reveals the dangers of interoperable digital identity. In a May 2022 paper titled Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul Vitalik Buterin, Glen Weyl and Puja Olhaver describe the…

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