As we move into 2021, and this seems to be a consolidated power play across the planet for food resources, economy, human labor and everything re-tooled and re-pooled for the elite.

We’re going to start over here in Geneva International Union for protection of new varieties of plants. UPOV. Sounds so innocuous. UPOV’s mission is to provide and promote effective systems of plant variety protection, with the aim of encouraging the development of new varieties of plants for the benefit of society.

Currently 73 members in green, and you have to abide by their laws of who owns what seeds around the planet. So with the Africans to help coming on as a new growing area for our planet, as other areas with a grand solar minimum go offline with crop production. All eyes are on Africa and the species available there the bio diversity, and suddenly, African nations are going to be forced to join a new convention and upgrade from the Cotonou agreement. Because the act in 2000 and then 2018, they both are good enough, there has to be a New World Trade Organization requirement for Africa to sign its rights away on all of its seeds, plants and animal varieties.

This is one of the most important videos you will ever see from my channel about how food is being consolidated into the corporation hands of view. And this trade agreements privatizing biodiversity… Wait, wait, wait a second – “privatizing biodiversity”, that should be the huge red flag in the title of this World Trade Organization document.

To ensure adequate effective protection of patents on plants and animals. We’ve seen that a corporation can come in and patent any genome sequence of any animal or any plant on the planet. And if you use it, raise it like a pig. They already own the DNA sequencing and you are technically breaking patent infringement by raising animals on your own land. This is what the upgrades all about. Scary to say the least.

But the Cotonou agreement, originally in 2000, is now being upgraded this year in 2020. To ensure adequate effective protection of patents on plants and animals. We’ve seen that a corporation can come in and patent any genome sequence of any animal or any plant on the planet. And if you use it, raise it like a pig. They already own the DNA sequencing and you are technically breaking patent infringement by raising animals on your own land. This is what the upgrades all about. Scary to say the least. And now they’re Forcing, and I mean literally forcing, every country across the planet to adhere to these new trade agreements.

So then it comes into in force in Egypt. Now the old ratification was 2007. But they’re going to be strong arm thumbscrews into the 2020 agreements here, where the patents must be provided in all fields of technology, they’re obliged to join. So any country that’s there has to allow corporations to come in and patent plants and animals. These fields to all technology must be open for all international players because it’s an international agreement.

And another must read article linked below is this basic primer on how companies intend to control and monopolize seeds. In animal species. The patent shall give exclusive rights to selection achievement. So if they were to add one hair onto a pig, and somehow you bought that pig from a breeder, and now you want to have it on your farm, and then you want to breed it, instead of having two, you want four, you want… oh, wait a second, now you’re breeding, you’re breaking the patent. They want you to pay for each successive generation of animals, even though you’re using for home use, and you originally bought the animal.

And the same with the plants, you’re not allowed to save your own seeds anymore. Even local home gardeners could be in the gray letter of the law, breaking the patent confiscation of your land and machinery.

So you see where this is going to go with a great reset.

Right now all these people like myself getting out in the countryside getting self sufficient, but they’re going to start using these laws right here to say, “You’re breaking the patents, because you’re growing the food, and you’re saving your seeds, you’re not allowed to do that. And these animals and the chickens and the pigs and the goats that you have already been patented by XYZ Corporation, and you coming into the second and third generation have broken international law. Thank you very much for your farm.”

The EU and Japan is moving in the way and then the US got out of that Trans Pacific Partnership four years ago. But this was also included in the text along with the shipping and international manufacturing aspects of it. Because that also United Nations sponsored barcode of life project is to DNA sequence and map every species on the planet 20 million, plant, animal insect fish, the entire biome to put it into a real time AI, they call bio surveillance system.

This comes right on the heels of that they’re intertwined, actually. And what I found so interesting is the way they broke down the plant kingdom, the species and the variety. I can’t say whether the new 2020 act is going to be an upgrade of the person who discovered the variety. Because as the letter of the law writes, I could just wander in Africa somewhere, find a seed that has not been identified or put into the system, which is an entire regulatory body and so much money and it’s an enormous hurdle for even well to do farmers to jump in to this system of patented seeds and protected varieties, let alone an agrarian based subsistence farmer, are you kidding me?

So I can walk into a marsh somewhere in Africa, say, “Hey, I found this wild rice specie. I discovered it, it’s mine. Now every African has to buy the seed from me because I discovered it.” Now I’m wondering if this is going to be an update here in 2020. But for sure up until today 1991 Act allows that any person any company or an employer of the Indiana Jones have seed rating across Africa. That’s one part of it. But the scariest part is the breeders, right? Does not extend to creating new varieties derived from other protected varieties.

And I’ll bring it to you in the United States here. Let’s use apples for an example. Okay, there’s probably 20 varieties of apples that are on the commercial scale end of things. Fuji, for example, would be a famous one and already in this stream of protected varieties. Now if I were to come and then crossbreed that will say aplomb or some other variety of a wild apple and I use one of the cultivars, that is not allowed any longer under the 2020 agreement, as my own purpose of breeding and other variety because it came from the source variety.

So what happens in 2020 is we We are stuck. Now we can’t invent any new plants. We can’t crossbreed cross pollinate, we can’t invent or grow any new species. According to the New letter of this new 2020 agreement, we are locked in time with the biodiversity on the planet. And it comes right back, I think to the barcode of Life program, where they’re going to digitize and DNA sequence every living species. Well, your living species, if it’s a new one, we’ll jump outside the hurdles of that. So they’re already putting roadblocks up to development of new biodiversity on the planet right here. punishable by law, no less confiscation of your equipment and your land. wherever it’s being grown. Under the letter of the law, this is a gray area for you and I as individual farmers.

So let’s look what’s on the books right now that hasn’t been ratified, but will, and again, it’s all secretive, you can’t find the working documents to see what they’re trying to change to at the end of 2020 here in the 2021 new establishment of.

So what’s on the books now from the 1991 legislation is farmers can only legally get seed from a store that has permission to sell it, or from a company or an institute that claims that his property and you know that comes right back into the previous slide of a discover of private seeds cannot be exchanged. Not even as a gift. And then the rights to keep seed for the following season is restricted or banned.

So if I buy a 50 pound bag of seed from a traditional seed vendor, I plant that out, it comes to an 8x 10x increase over, what, 500 pounds of seed instead of 50, I am not legally allowed to keep that and then replant it. What I have to do with that 450 extra pounds is use it somehow; make flour out of it, do whatever, but I cannot trade it and give you 50 pounds, my friend. Grow your own field, that’s illegal. I’m not allowed to then take that seed and clean it and then replant it myself.

So instead of having, let’s say, a quarter acre with that 50 pounds, and I thought, “wow, a quarter acre, wow, I can grow up to, you know, three acres now myself with the extra seed”, Not. No, no, hold on my friend: illegal.

And I know for sure and the new upgrade that’s coming is fungi and bacteria, as well as algae. These are the new, much tighter, controlled, more restricted. Because how many types of algae are there out there? Millions. It’s the most common species of plant on our planet. Some are used for superfoods and nutrition. Others can be used for animal fodder fertilizer, and the list goes on – biofuels. There’s an enormous amount of things we can do with algae. not widely patented, like some species of GMO corn, but that’s what they’re going for next -mushrooms and algae and bacteria.

Again, bacteria would be more, I would think, on the fertilizer, and so imagine if they start patenting bio char. Where does that leave us with our own fertilizers? “Oh, I’m gonna patent granite dust.” So now I have to pay a premium instead of going to a quarry, I have to get it from another place because there’s a patent premium on it and if I want to add it to my field to remineralize my soil, it’s already been patented.

So this is where the whole ridiculousness of it is: they’re patenting nature itself. So any square inch or one gram of nature that you want to use for your own personal use is now going to be extra taxed, regulated, and very thin line of where you can operate using nature.

The reset is here, any plant specie – wild, cultivated or medicinal – highly regulated from this point forward.

Now, this Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which I went into great depth into in the previous video, talked about how this new trading bloc was all the, “Wow, China did a coup on the US. Isn’t it amazing? They’re not in the trading bloc of 2.2 billion people.” And so that was the distraction because really, it’s all about corporate concentration and takeover of Asia’s food and agriculture sector. And take one fifth of one eighth of a step, and then we come right into the patenting of plants and animals.

All through the entire map of nations that you see here, everybody’s so happy that they did a one or two step from the US, but they put themselves into the jaws of the shark with their food supplies. Awesome.

So take a deep breath let’s jump into something a little bit more fun and interesting. A mouth-less alien mask found in a Chalcolitic salt pit in Bulgaria. This is from 6000 years ago. It’s quite interesting, in that there’s so many similarities with what I’d seen in the movie Prometheus. I thought, “Okay, that’s pretty similar, in an abstract way.” So I’ll put them next to each other, see what you think.

Just expand the mind, get your mind off the consolidation of all food, and everything that you can ever use on this planet will no longer be free to use, it will be completely controlled by corporations. And it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch with the bio surveillance, that you’ll need a permit, that you’ll have to pay for, to cut down a single tree because somebody would have patented that. And then the rights use for you to use your own land with the biodiversity on your land that’s been patented, you don’t own it, a corporation does because they patented it. And if you want to use your own resources on your own land, you’re gonna have to get permits, pay taxes and fees to utilize your own land.

Maybe that’s why they say by 2030 you will own nothing.

But then again, is this coming from human laws or off planet overlords?

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