In truth, the belief in “government” is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of “government” describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative. Disobeying to the commandments (“breaking the law”) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (“criminals”), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as “law-abiding taxpayers”). And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the “government” god’s “laws” he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, “You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!” – Larken Rose (The Most Dangerous Superstition)

**WATCH: The”god” Called Government

One thought

  1. Attn. Statist’s/Archists:

    The American flag is your sacred symbol.

    The Constitution, codes and laws are your sacred texts.

    Past presidents and monuments like Mount Rushmore & Lincoln memorial are your saints.

    Your White House’s, Capitol buildings, pentagon’s, etc. are your temples.

    Your political parties Republican, Democrat, libertarian, etc. are your denominations.

    The members of congress, senate – Representatives,  people calling themselves government – are your priests.

    Schools are your churches.

    Teachers are your preachers.

    The pledge of allegiance is your common prayer.

    The talking media heads and celebrities are your televangelists.

    Your taxes, fines and legal fees are your tithes and offerings.

    Your presidential candidates and empty promises are your Messiahs and revivals.

    Police and law enforcement are your church discipline.

    War and military are your crusades which leads to death, your soldiers and troops are your human sacrifices.


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