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I’ll be using this more as I transition away from YouTube and other mainstream censored platforms. My intentions are to share information and dissent among the masses to achieve a free, “Stateless” society. By Stateless I mean the absence of a institutionalized Coercive Monopoly called Government that’s legitimized in the minds of the people by ways of political rituals and traditions.

I advocate individual rights and freedom, acknowledgment of consent between individuals and voluntary dealings when interacting with people. VOLUNTARYISM is the word that’s been coined to describe the idea that voluntary dealings between people is the best option. It means there is consent between individuals, and that violently forcing other people to do things they don’t want to do is wrong.

As long as we’re not hurting anyone, our personal choices are ours to make. We don’t always agree with everything everyone does, but if we can respect people’s freedom to make decisions for themselves, we can get along just fine. Not everyone is going to do this, but to be a voluntaryist is to decide that we will be one of the people who do. It’s a decision to be part of the solution in our own small way. This doesn’t mean we have to accept wrong-doing from people who have yet to accept this idea, but it means people get to live their own lives as they see fit, as long as they’re not harming anyone else.

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War is Murder | Taxation is Extortion |
Government is Slavery

Self-Defense| Self-Ownership | Self-Responsibility

Love | Truth | Freedom

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